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Even though this community has been dormant for quite some time, I continue to see traffic coming in to it, so I thought I'd post an update. (I'm also surprised that there are still 81 people people watching it).

If you're just coming across this community, the animated GIF feed has been moved to its own (just relaunched) website: There is also an RSS feed available on the website (and through LiveJournal syndication).
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Looks like someone has created a syndication feed for this after all.

All future posts will remain at the blog, so if you'd like to continue viewing the animated GIFs that have been posted here over the past few months, I suggest you add the feed to your friends list. It can be found here:

One word of warning - the RSS didn't contain any kind of 'lj cut. The full post is showing, so it will extend your friend's list page considerably if you add it. I'll post an update once this is fixed.
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x-posted from me. Gifscraper lives!

Alright, I suppose now is as good a time as any to do this.

When </a></b></a>iconscraperwas suspended, I wasn't sure if I should change the setup of thecommunity to be in line with LJ's ToS (they said I could create a newcommunity) or if I should just remove it from LJ altogether. I decidedto do both.

The program has been running ever since thecommunity was suspended, I just disabled the part that posted theresults. I've made some changes to the program and while I beleive thehotlinking argument is rediculous, I decided that I would not hotlinkcontent from people's personal domains. (That's not to say the imagesaren't making it into the feed.)

This also affects </a></b></a>animgifscraper,which hasn't really been a problem but since it is basically the sameprocess, I decided to incorporate that community's feeds into the newsetup as well.

It still needs some work, but it's functional andoperational. I'll be making adjustments as time allows. I'm morefocused on adding to the program and not the fancy-ness of the webpage.Some older posts may not be formatted properly, I haven't had a chanceto fix those but it's a minor annoyance more than anything.

I seriouslyconsidered removing the links back to the source as a big FUCK YOU tothe miserable shitstains who started this crap, but I figured that ifsomeone DID want to credit the source, they could. And sometimes yousee something wacky or crazy and you want to know where it came from.Right before the community was suspended I found out that some'vigilante' was following the links back to the journals and tellingeveryone their icons were showing up - many of those people didn'tcare. If this becomes a problem again, the links come off.

So, here's the link:

Apropos,no? Both icons and animated GIFs now reside there, under seperatecategories but with the main page showing most recent entries betweenthe two.

Now, if you happen to have an RSS reader, you can add the following URLs to your reader:

Animated GIFs:

You may or may not realize that LiveJournal has the ability to syndicate RSS feedsso that they show up on your friends list. May I go on the record andsay that I will not be responsible for going to the bottom of this page and adding the above feeds, which are in no way affiliated with LiveJournal.

Also, if you happen to know anyone who appreciated </a></b></a>iconscraper, please let them know.

Enjoy. Spread the word. Try the veal. Love like you need the money. Vote early and vote often.
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Due to drama in iconscraper, and the fact that this community runs off of the same premise, the program has been deactivated until the situation has been resolved.

It will be back, I'm just waiting on feedback from LJ and will then need to make a few adjustments to the program.

BTW, anyone know about LJ's policy regarding syndicated feeds?